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When Do I Need an Oil Change Service?

Engine oil is absolutely crucial for your vehicle. This is because in an internal combustion engine, the moving parts like pistons, camshafts and connecting rods all need constant lubrication in order to protect it from catastrophic heat damage. Besides lubrication of the internal parts of an engine, oil does more. It cleans and is also used as a coolant, since it exchanges heat from the engine, even though the bulk of cooling responsibility is on the radiator and the coolant. So, given its importance for the internal combustion engine and for the car, you’d be surprised to know that people often forget to get their oil changed on time. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the signs and things you can do to know for certain when you need an oil change service

While it is possible to do an oil change by yourself, it really isn’t recommended. Getting a professional and excellent service like Magnum Autoclub to provide your car with excellent oil change services can really make the difference, and whether its oil change or engine repair or even body repair, its services like these which can make your car all the more better. Now, let’s start with the signs that you need an oil change service for your car. 

Oil Change Service: How to Know You Need One for Your Car

While it is important that you keep track of the odometer and your mileage and know just how many miles your car and engine can go without an oil change, these signs will let you know that it is time for a quick oil change service to keep your car running absolutely fine and pristine, performing efficiently. 

Let’s get started. 

Burnt, Dirty Oil

It is imperative for engine oil to be clean, viscous and unadulterated. Again, engine oil performs the very crucial job of keeping the engine and its moving parts both lubricated and clean. Once the engine oil has passed its prime and is either nearing expiration or has already passed the line, you will notice something when you check the engine oil: that the oil is burnt out and visually dirty. Check the engine oil when you change it the next time, and you’ll see how a golden or red liquid changes into a black sludge after 3,000 or maybe 5,000 miles. This is what happens after engine oil gets considerable battering. If you check your engine oil and it smells and looks burnt, has a sludgy look to it, it’s time to take it to an oil change service and get it updated. 

Engine Oil Light on Dashboard

Modern cars with internal combustion engines are smarter than ever before and prioritise giving the driver complete information about the condition and status of the car as well as the engine itself. Modern cars come with a host of warning lights, foremost of which is the engine oil dashboard light. Nowadays, cars also come with sensors that can essentially let a driver know when the oil has run out of its usability, displaying ‘Change or check engine oil’ on the dashboard screen. Should you see this light or warning on your dashboard, understand the simple thing that it is not only time to change the engine oil, but also understand that oil changes are best effective when done before such warning lights. Keep repeating it and your engine will lose efficiency as time passes, making it much less powerful and fuel efficient. 

Engine Noise, Grinding/ Knocking Sounds

The main task or responsibility of engine oil is to ensure adequate lubrication of the moving parts of the engine as specified beforehand. Without it, parts like pistons can easily be damaged beyond repair once they generate enough heat, which is why engine oil is so crucial. With low quality engine oil or no engine oil at all, the engine will usually present with increased noise from its operations: grinding or knocking sounds from the engine bay are most commonly associated with either no engine oil or low-quality engine oil. If you start up your car and hear these sounds, it’s time to get the engine checked and maybe either have your oil topped off or changed entirely. 

Exhaust Smoke Colour

Your exhaust smoke is indicative of many things, since it is the waste that the engine expels. If anything is wrong with the engine, usually, smoke from the exhaust can be a good and objective indicator of what’s wrong with the engine. For example, water coming from the exhaust is usually considered as a sign of a healthy and well-performing engine. On the other hand, if the smoke is grey or black (for petrol-powered engines) and is billowing from the exhaust pipe, it is usually a sign that the oil is leaking into the internal crevices of the engine, which can be really troublesome. On the other hand, if your engine oil is past its prime and needs changing, the smoke will let you know; light grey smoke is usually a good indicator that your engine oil is due and further operation on the same oil could potentially damage the engine considerably. 

Check the Consistency/ Viscosity

A top tip which can always help with gauging whether or not engine oil is any good is to check the consistency or the viscosity of the engine oil. Usable engine oil will always be thick, viscous and clean and will stick to the dipstick even during operation. Whereas dirty, used and sludgy oil will present with inconsistencies and won’t be as viscous. Therefore, do check your oil and should anything feel off and you haven’t got your oil changed in a while, maybe get an oil change service on your car and have fresh oil put in it immediately. 

Oil Level Dips Below Full

Your car’s engine comes with a dipstick, topped with either a yellow or amber cap that lets you check both the oil quality and level. While it is suggested that you routinely check the engine dipstick, it is also advisable that you do actually remember plugging it into place after you’re done checking it, since many times, garages open up the bonnet to either find it missing or not properly plugged in, which can cause issues. If you check your oil dipstick and find it to be below the full level consistently, it might be time to get the engine checked out and the oil topped up to keep the engine from damaging itself considerably. 

Magnum Autoclub: Gives Your Car the Superstar Treatment!

Motor oil is what runs the car and helps it perform efficiently. Only the best should be used for your car, and at Magnum Autoclub, we take pride in using only the best motor oil for all cars, whether they’re SUVs, commercial vans or just a little hatchback. Fall in love with your car again as Magnum Autoclub treats it to a higher standard of care and transforms it from a mode of transportation to a vehicle that you absolutely adore and want to drive. 

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