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Upgrading your braking system for enhanced performance

In the world of automobile performance, speed and power isn’t everything. Because at the end of the race, you do need to stop yourself and the car from crashing into a wall. This is why, to enhance the overall performance of your car, you will also need to upgrade your braking system since a powerful engine will require an equally capable braking system to help bring you to a complete stop on its own during emergencies, bad weather or even during heavy traffic and interstate driving. Let’s take a look at what constitutes the braking system of a car, and how you can go about upgrading your braking system for enhanced vehicular performance.

Braking system: what is included in it?

Like many other systems that drive your car, the actual brakes aren’t just the only part of the system. Instead, the braking system comprises many other parts working together to keep your car’s power in check and provide you with enough stopping power when required. Here are the parts included in a car’s braking system. 

  • Brake calipers: These parts of the braking system perform the actual braking. The part that you can see behind your wheels is attached to the brake rotors. These calipers have a piston inside that forces them to put pressure on the brake pad when the brake pedal is pressed. These operate by hydraulic pressure, which is why brake fluid is important. 
  • Brake pads: The parts of the brake that come into contact with the moving rotor. These are pads, usually made out of leather or other synthetic materials, that, when applied pressure, rub against the rotor to create friction that slows the wheel down. It gets the most wear and tear out of any other part throughout the system. 
  • Brake rotors: Brake rotors are the giant spinning discs within the wheel that are used to slow down the car. The brake pistons and the calipers push the pads against the rotor to slow down the revolutions of the wheel, and since the motion directly runs the rotors from the driveshaft, this slows down the vehicle. 
  • Brake lines: These are miniature tubes through which the brake fluid travels from the slave cylinders to the brake calipers. When you apply a car’s brakes, the fluid travels to the calipers and causes it to close, rubbing the pads against the rotors to slow the car down. 

Now, onto the part of upgrading your braking system for optimal performance. 

Upgrade the braking system: what to do

To upgrade your car’s braking system, you will have to follow these instructions to get the optimal braking performance for a much safer driving experience. 

Larger brake discs/ rotors

Physics 101: friction increases the temperature of any surface, and hot brake rotors do not perform well, which means that braking under duress or suddenly will reduce the efficacy of the braking system. The obvious solution is to go for an increased size of the rotors, which will greatly improve braking capacity and performance. Since most cars nowadays are manufactured with smaller brake discs, you can easily find a larger one and swap it out or get it done from a reliable shop. 

Better brake pads

Brake pads are the primary stopping instrument and the most crucial part of the braking system. No matter how good the rotor is, the rest of the setup is, if you skimp out on brake pads and get cheap ones that fade away quickly, you are not only endangering your car and yourself, but you will also be putting other motorists’ lives at risk. Brake pads experience incredible wear and tear throughout their life, and for safer driving, it is crucial that you get the best quality brake pads. By investing in better brake pads, your brake system will perform incrementally better, and you will absolutely feel the difference. 

Vented, slotted or drilled rotors

While these are more geared towards sports and high-performance vehicles, getting the best for your car doesn’t hurt. These rotors provide exceptional braking performance, and if you enjoy the occasional light-to-light speed test or live somewhere in cold and snowy conditions, upgrading your brake rotors is always a good decision. With vented rotors, you will get better braking performance, especially in strained driving conditions, as these help cool your rotors off much quicker. Slotted or drilled rotors also allow airflow and keep the entire disc clean of debris and gases, which provides exceptional performance. 

More pistons per caliper

Brembos and Wilwoods all boast about their brakes’ incredible number of pistons. This is understandable, given that every brash, muscular performance car out there has Brembos on it. This means the more pistons you have in your brake calipers, the better the braking potential you will have. For many people, regular passenger cars like sedans and SUVs don’t need upgraded brake calipers with more pistons than their engine has. But if you have a high-powered car or plan on tuning a car, you must upgrade the braking system, starting with the calipers. The more pistons in the calipers, the quicker you will stop. 

Upgrading, regularly checking brake lines

Brake lines, due to harsh weather conditions and wear and tear, can degrade over time and lose their efficacy. Some might start leaking brake fluid, which is extremely dangerous. This is why, for optimal brake performance, you should first get braided brake lines, as these reduce swelling and give much better performance as far as braking performance is concerned. Secondly, always regularly check your brake lines to ensure no leakage or other issues have surfaced. 

Why should you upgrade your braking system?

The costs of some of these upgrades might be a bit on the pricey side, which begs the question of why you should upgrade your braking system. And the answer is simple and a bit inelegant. It’s because when you’re driving down the highway at 70 or 80 mph, and a semi in front of you suddenly loses control, the brakes help, not the engine. Even in the suburbs, if a child chasing a ball suddenly dashes in front of your car, the brakes, not the engine, will help save that child’s life. This is why upgrading your car’s braking system is crucial. Across Canada, where snow becomes a major factor in deciding whether to go out for a drive or not, an upgraded and efficient braking system can help you drive safely on the road and, in the case of any emergency, come to a stop without hitting anything. Upgrading your braking system is a decision that benefits you and your car and passively saves the lives of other motorists and pedestrians around you. 

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