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Tire Maintenance: A Crucial Aspect of Road Safety

Tires are the last part of the car that might come to mind when discussing maintenance, but that shouldn’t be the case. In fact, given their importance, tire maintenance is crucial to the functioning of your car, and everything from how it drives to the fuel economy will depend on the condition of your car’s tires. This means not only changing them when required despite their price but also ensuring regular maintenance since this will help extend their life and ensure you get the most usage out of them. Let us take a detailed look at tire maintenance: its particulars, what it entails, and how tire maintenance is a crucial aspect of road safety as well as keeping you safe. 

Tire maintenance: what is it all about?

Tires are supposed to be in contact with the road all the time and are part of a vehicle that goes through the most wear and tear. Despite this, the modern tire is robust, long-lasting, and if taken good care of, can actually deliver way more than what the brochure might say. By ensuring the following steps and parts of a maintenance regimen for your tires, you can make the most out of a singular set and enjoy a great performance from even a mid-level set of tires. 

Let’s look at what is part of tire maintenance.

Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is one of the most important aspects of tire maintenance, and you might have seen this in tire shops. What exactly is tire rotation? Well, consider this. Cars exert much pressure and weight on the road, which is transferred through the tires. Add in the friction from the road and the speed, and you can understand the wear and tear. The occasional squeal of tires from hard acceleration or hard braking furthers the damage and puts pressure on either set of wheel (front or rear, depending on the drive configuration of the car). By rotating and changing the position of the tires every 5000 miles, you can get more use out of the set and ensure equal distribution of wear, thereby ensuring good performance out of the entire set. 

Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

Overfilling your tire or underfilling can both damage a tire, especially if you persist in driving with these tires. Overfilling exerts unnecessary and excessive pressure on the tire walls, weakening and compromising the tire’s structural integrity. Similarly, underfilling the tire will put undue pressure on the entire build of the tire, making it unusable in a short time. To avoid either of these situations, always ensure proper tire pressure for all four tires and the spare, and should the car alert you to a drop or increase in pressure, follow through with a tire check immediately. 

Inspect your Tires For Structural Failures

Every two weeks or a month, you should inspect your tires for any physical damage they may have sustained from the toll of wear and tear. Tires are made of rubber that hardens during cold temperatures and softens during driving and hotter temperatures. This, in addition to the usual wear and tear of a tire, can cause structural damage to the tire, which is usually visible on the outside wall. Carefully inspect the tire for any such damage, and if you spot something troublesome, always get it checked out by a professional tire repair service

Use Seasonal Tires For Maximum Efficiency And Safety

Winter brings snow, which can be dangerous during driving, especially if you don’t have the right tires for your car, which could result in a nasty accident. Since the grip is limited during winter, you should always have a set of winter tires for your car, especially if your place has snowy conditions. These tires will help keep you safe throughout the weather and ensure that your normal or summer tires run fine throughout the year and experience less wear and tear. 

Keep Your Spare Tire Away From Direct Heat

A spare tire can come in handy during the most potentially harmful situations, and many times, a spare can deflate because of its placement in the boot or the trunk of the car. If your car stays outside in the sun for extended periods, your spare tire will also spontaneously deflate due to excessive heat. Therefore, always protect your spare tire from excessive heat and it will come in handy during a puncture during rush hour. Also, regularly check the spare for any leaks, punctures or any other issues/ damages. You never know when you might catch a problem and resolve it before you need it in a quick situation. 

Trusted Tire Care For Punctures, Damage etc.

Only some shops or garages can be trusted with tire maintenance, tire repair, and punctures. Professional services that may charge more will deliver better services, and even something as simple as a puncture will be resolved flawlessly. In the case of untrained professionals looking to make a quick buck, you could destroy your tire or severely affect its life, causing you to purchase a set before the date. A stitch in time saves nine, and by going to a professional tire maintenance or repair service, your tires will have an extended life, and you will get more use out of the set. 

Change Your Tires Without Any Delay

Driving on an old set of tires can put you, your car, and other motorists or pedestrians on the road at a severe risk of an accident. It also affects the fuel economy, handling, and performance of the car, including grip. Tires have a life, and after they have passed, you need to dispose of them and switch to a new set immediately. By delaying this change, again, you will put yourself and others on the road in grave danger. Once your tires have completed their life, switch to a fresh set immediately, and don’t overuse them to the point of putting others at risk. 

Tire Maintenance For Road Safety

Tires give the car grip, acceleration, and braking power. Without good tread wear, rubber grip, and heat resistance, your tires won’t be able to do these things efficiently, which puts you at risk. With impaired braking, you will be putting yourself and your car at risk, as well as other cars, motorists, and even pedestrians. The grip also has the same effect, so tire maintenance is crucial for road safety. Without well-maintained tires, you could be at risk of a serious accident, especially if you like driving fast, like many of us do. By maintaining your tires and giving them the proper care, you can ensure optimal performance, and with optimal performance comes road safety. 

Magnum Autoclub: Tire Maintenance Done Right

Magnum Autoclub provides excellent tire maintenance services that ensure optimal yearly performance. Whether it’s tire changing, tire maintenance, or tire rotation, we make sure your wheels get the best service and treatment, so, you, your car, and the traffic is safe from any mishaps and you enjoy the full performance of your tires. Whether it’s hard acceleration or hard braking, tires under Magnum’s care won’t ever give up on you, and that’s the Magnum guarantee. 

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