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The Role of Mechanics in Vehicle Maintenance

Going the DIY (do it yourself) route rarely works when it comes to car maintenance. The internet is awash with memes complaining about how homegrown project cars and installation jobs can take days when all it usually takes at a mechanic is around an hour or two at most. This is why mechanics are the primary people involved in vehicular maintenance. Without them, some people might not get their oil changed, which will then translate into a total disaster for the car. Let’s look at the role of mechanics in vehicle maintenance and understand the services you can expect when you go to a mechanic’s place with your four-wheeled friend. 

Vehicle maintenance: what does a mechanic do?

To keep things short and simple, a mechanic’s main job and responsibility is car maintenance. It does not matter whether the car is an SUV, a sedan, a station wagon, or a sports car. The mechanic will be interested in the internals, which people usually can’t figure out. This is where their expertise lies, and they excel: troubleshooting any issues you might have with your car and ensuring it receives proper and timely maintenance for optimal performance. 

Let’s discuss the role of mechanics in vehicle maintenance, from the basics to the more specialized roles they might have.

Basic vehicular maintenance

Basic vehicular maintenance refers to the maintenance procedures required to keep a car running, but they aren’t so comprehensive or technical. In other words, maintenance work can be done at home with the minimum of tools, but apparently, people can’t be bothered with it. Checking the fluids of the car (brake, transmission, power steering, etc.), topping them off, checking the air pressure in the tires, and ensuring the general well-being of the vehicle is part of the role of a mechanic in vehicle maintenance. Typically, an apprentice starts their work doing basic maintenance tasks like these before receiving adequate training to move on to the more technical tasks of the job, which will be discussed below. 

Diagnosing issues

With both electric and combustion engine cars, diagnosing the problem is the main part of the job. A knocking sound emanating from the engine bay could mean a lot of things; from piston malfunctioning to oil leakages, it is the job of the mechanic to diagnose correctly what exactly might be causing the vehicle to behave as such. Similarly, a Tesla or a Rivian displaying an error needs to be looked at by a professional who can work out a solution to the error being displayed. Especially for gasoline-powered ICE vehicles, which may or may not display such errors, and an individual has to rely on audible cues to know more about what the problem is, the mechanic’s job of identifying issues is crucial. 

Repair work

A mechanic plays a major role in vehicular maintenance. Checking and topping off fluids, ensuring the wiper blades are cleaning well, and all that is fine, but where the real expertise lies is the repair work that mechanics are required to do. Everything from cosmetic repair work like mending a damaged bumper or buffing out a dent on the fender to performance work like working on engine or suspension components or even putting in a new engine, block, or pistons comes into the ambit of a mechanic’s work. Repair work is very important; aside from older cars that need to be kept going, newer cars may also develop problems, or certain driving conditions might exacerbate a condition which would then require a trip to the workshop to get the vehicle in working condition again. Repair work is the major role that mechanics play in both vehicle maintenance and as part of their regular duties. 

Modification work

The final role that mechanics play that might not be related to vehicle maintenance but is still relevant to cars, in general, is the one part that petrol heads are most fond of: modifications. Yes, everything from a big honking turbo or supercharger or your engine to installing a body kit to your vehicle, these tasks also fall in the ambit of the role of mechanics, and as we suspect, the ones that they might enjoy the most. There is nothing more fun than turbocharging or supercharging a vehicle and taking it out on a test spin to ensure that the car is producing enough power to satisfy the customer’s demands. On the other hand, we have places like the famous West Coast Customs, which specialize in body modifications; from installing outrageous body kits to creating custom solutions like lowriders, slammed, and other styles, these honestly fun jobs also fall in the responsibilities that a mechanic may have, but one that they might feel an enormous pride in. 

In a nutshell

The role of a mechanic in vehicle maintenance is extensive and central. From the initial steps of diagnosing the problem to gaining access to the affected part and carrying out repair work on it, a mechanic’s main job is to ensure that the car stays operational and provides the service that it has been bought for reliable and efficient transportation. Since vehicles and their moving parts go through a lot of wear and tear, ample maintenance is crucial for their optimal functioning, and this is the one place where DIY jobs can be avoided. Your car needs professional maintenance servicing, and it’s best to take it to the expert mechanics either at the dealership or the workshop. 

Magnum Autoclub: vehicle maintenance made easy, accessible 

As important as mechanics are in vehicle maintenance and ensuring the transport sector keeps operating, they do suffer from a dubious reputation. A reputation stems from the fact that some mechanics upsell and exaggerate what the car will need just to make a few extra bucks. They have tended to exploit the general nonchalance of the public and their inadequate knowledge of how cars work for their own benefit, which is why Magnum Autoclub is here to dispel all that conjecture and introduce you to a garage and vehicle maintenance service that aims to please and not to earn. Fall in love with your car again as Magnum Autoclub treats it to the best maintenance ever to make it as smooth and powerful as ever while ensuring that you stay aware of everything that is being done honestly and transparently. Experience what the best of vehicle maintenance has to offer; experience the difference that is Magnum Autoclub. 

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