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Radiator And Engine Service In Vaughan, ON, GTA

At Magnum Autoclub, we prioritize radiator health and provide expert comprehensive radiator services – ensuring that your engine remains cool and operates optimally. From coolant flushes to radiator repairs or replacements – we do it all.


Unmatched Transparency and Expertise

At Magnum Autoclub, we take pride in offering unmatched transparency in every radiator service we provide. You’ll get a clear explanation of our processes, so you’re always in the know.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

Regardless of your vehicle’s make or unique requirements – we offer tailored solutions for every radiator type – because your car deserves personalized care.

Seamless Convenience and Affordability

Rev up your engines and get ready for a thrilling drive with Magnum Auto club – we’re not just ordinary auto service providers – we are your partners in maintaining peak performance and ensuring that your vehicle runs smoother than ever – all at a very affordable cost.

Oil Change

Why Choose Us

Radiator and Engine Service in Vaughan

 Magnum Auto Club’s engine service includes everything your engine needs to keep running smoothly including oil changes, filter replacements, and key fluid checks.

 Magnum Auto Club’s radiator service includes a thorough inspection of all components, including hoses, belts, and fans. Their team of experts will flush out any contaminants, like rust, scale, and sludge that can clog your radiator and create leaks.

Regular maintenance of both your engine and radiator can make all the difference in the life of your car. Magnum Auto Club’s experts check for potential problems before they become big expensive ones. We offer affordable and reliable services that keep your car running smoothly on the road.

Why Choose Us


At Magnum Autoclub, our commitment to quality and professionalism drives every service we offer. 

We take pride in our team of skilled individuals who uphold the highest standards in automobile care. With us, your vehicle receives top-notch service and the attention it deserves. 

We’re not just selling services – we’re selling you an experience. We make car care fun, efficient, and as smooth as a freshly paved road. Join us in our journey today, and let’s turbocharge your driving adventure.

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Are you interested in a coolant service or an oil change? Do you need a tire change or a more customized vehicle cleaning? 

Magnum Autoclub is your trusted partner for the best Radiator and Engine Service in Vaughan. We are more than just an automotive service – we are a commitment to excellence. With our skilled technicians, we offer unmatched transparency and expertise in every service we provide. We prioritize your vehicle’s longevity and performance – providing you with peace of mind out on the road. 

When you choose us – you aim for quality, professionalism, and a commitment to keeping your vehicle in its best condition.

That’s where we come in.

Welcome the convenience of Magnum Autoclub – your one-stop shop for oil change services and all kinds of car repairs in Vaughan!

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Work Process


Our approach delivers flawless automobile services for a lasting performance. Here’s our process:

Problem Consultation

We start by understanding your vehicle’s issues with a thorough problem consultation – and conduct a comprehensive assessment to ensure we diagnose every issue correctly.


Repairing Process

With skill and state-of-the-art equipment, we repair your vehicle and ensure it runs at its optimal best – backed by our commitment to excellence.


Happy Customer

Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction – and when you join the ranks of our clientele, you experience top-notch automobile services and care.

Our Reviews


Ravien Srivarathan
Ravien Srivarathan
quick, hassle free, love this place.
Allen S
Allen S
Great customer service. Very timely and professional work done. Price was less than competitor.
Muhammad Sheikh
Muhammad Sheikh
Got oil change done and it was an amazing service, fast and efficient. Very happy with the service.
Lamar Farhad
Lamar Farhad
Amazing spot, very trust worthy and trusted mechanic shop! Thank you Magnum for the 10/10 service will be recommending to family and friends forsure
wale Adebesin
wale Adebesin
If you’re still not doing regular oil change here. I feel bad for you🫡🫡🫡. Top tier customer service and work.
Abin Baby
Abin Baby
These guys are quick, fast and reliable! The manager is super friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended! :)
Farshid Moradi
Farshid Moradi
It’s my second time here for tire change. Services are terrific. Quick turnaround and friendly staff.
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We provide comprehensive radiator services, including coolant flushes, repairs, and replacements, ensuring your engine's optimal performance.

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