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How To Maintain Proper Engine Cooling: A Comprehensive Guide

The cooling system of an engine is the reason why an internal combustion engine boasts such incredible range and durability. Without it, the engine would not be able to cover a distance of 10 miles before seizing due to the parts becoming non-operational after intense heat disfigures them. In short, the engine needs proper cooling, which is why it comes with an entire system dedicated to keeping the engine from heat damage. In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at the engine cooling system and how you can maintain engine cooling with optimal cooling system tips and things to do. 

Let us first understand the many parts that run the cooling system of a car. 

Engine cooling system: what are its many parts?

The internal combustion engine is a complex machine that requires an entire system to cool its many components. The ICE unit generates enormous amounts of heat, not just from the combustion part of the reaction but also due to the friction between different moving metal parts that generate quite a bit of heat on their own. Should ample cooling not be given to an engine, the engine risks structural damage that will render it useless. Here is what constitutes an engine cooling system. 


A radiator is an assembly that uses a mixture of coolant and water to distribute cooling potential throughout the key parts of the engine. The radiator consists of a central cooling system that then sends this coolant throughout the engine assembly using an entire network of pipes and hoses designed to cool key parts of the engine. 

Radiator fan:

For additional and effective cooling when the car is running extra hot during summers and other high-temperature driving, the radiator is aided by a cooling fan located on the front of the bonnet and the engine assembly. It takes in cool air from the environment via the grill and channels it back into the engine, providing an aspect of air cooling to the engine.

Intercooler (optional):

Intercoolers are only present in cars with a form of forced induction, usually turbochargers. These use dense, compressed air to further provide a better cooling effect to the entire engine assembly, as well as air to the induction system to provide more air to the engine for increased performance. 

Associated apparatuses:

Modern performance cars use additional cooling systems aside from the radiator and the fans. For example, many high-performance rally cars of the 1990s and early 2000s used a water squirter to spray cool water on the engine for increased cooling effectiveness. Newer performance models from Dodge use airconditioned air to cool the engine much more effectively, giving increased performance. 

Now, onto the process of maintaining engine cooling in an optimal way for the best performance. 

Maintaining engine cooling: tips to keep in mind

Maintaining engine’s cooling level is not all that difficult; the key point is to be punctual with the upkeep and maintenance of your car. Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your car’s cooling system. 

1. Inspect your engine regularly, including the radiator

Whether your car is air-cooled or water-cooled, inspections are imperative in keeping a clean and efficient engine cooling system. By inspections, we mean both visual inspections and an in-depth mechanical inspection every couple of months and regularly during summers. This will allow you to keep an eye out for any issues that might surface later on, and to ensure that no issue is causing the engine to overheat. While the system is pretty much straight-forward and does not include anything that is excessively mechanical, you can check for leaks on the underside of the car and use the temperature display meter on the gauge cluster of the car as a reference point for keeping the cooling system of your car under check. 

2. Regularly check coolant levels

Think of the coolant as the lifeblood of your engine’s cooling system. Given that much of the radiator system is composed of rubber hoses and pipes that go around the engine in extreme weather conditions, you are bound to have a few issues every now and then with broken hoses and leaking pipes. Therefore, it is always a good thing to regularly inspect the coolant levels within the system and to check the integrity of the pipes and hoses as well. If you do that regularly and also replace any defective pipe or hose in time, you will face no trouble at all with your engine’s cooling system. 

3. Use good quality coolant

In the same vein as regularly checking your coolant levels, you also need to use a good quality coolant that has an excellent heat exchange capability and also has good viscosity since it needs to be thin enough to be passable through extremely tight pipes and hoses. By using subpar or low-quality coolants, you will be putting the health of your engine at risk and risk severely downgrading the capacity of the cooling system to keep the engine’s temperature to a nominal level effectively. 

4. Flush out/ clean your radiator, fans regularly

Given the position of the radiator and the fans of the engine’s cooling system, it gets lots of dust and bugs on it, choking it and seriously downgrading its ability to cool down the engine effectively. And if you travel frequently on freeways and highways, this problem can compound even more, jamming the radiator and the fan altogether. This means that you need to flush out and put your cooling system through a detailed cleaning regiment after every long trip to ensure two things: one, if there is any rust within the pipes, it gets cleaned and flushed out, and secondly, if there is any debris on the radiator, that gets cleaned out as well. Do these fairly regularly, especially during summer, and you won’t have any issues at all with the engine’s cooling system. 

The bottom line

To maintain engine cooling at an optimal level, your engine cooling system needs both attention and maintenance. By taking your car to a trusted mechanic or a garage, you can get not just the best coolant and the accessories for the system but can also exceptional cooling performance with enhanced maintenance. This will increase the performance of the car since the engine will run cooler, and will increase the longevity of the engine and the car, letting you get more use out of it without incurring any additional costs. So, take good care of your cooling system, and your engine will take good care of you. 

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