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How to Increase the Lifespan of an Engine

Your car is as good as its engine gets since it is the main thing powering it and making it the machine that takes you from point A to point B. Of course, with newer electric cars like Teslas and Rivians, you do not have an engine but rather a big battery pack that drives the car, so the engine isn’t a concern. However, suppose you have a new or even an older car with an internal combustion engine or ICE. In that case, it is in your best interest that the engine has a long lifespan and stays efficient and powerful throughout its enhanced lifespan. Today, we’ll be looking at how you can increase the lifespan of an engine with some tips designed to get you the most out of your car and the powertrain. 

Starting off with the best tips to increase the lifespan of an engine, let us first understand why an increased lifespan is important. You see, the ICE is an engine with many moving parts, and as laws of physics go, these moving parts will wear out eventually. As such, your engine giving out one fine morning can be a dreaded prospect, so to ensure this doesn’t happen, pay attention to these tips and generally take good care of your car and the engine

Tips to increase the lifespan of an engine

Here are some tips to increase the lifespan of engines and how, with proper care and consideration, the heart of your car can beat for longer. Let’s get started. 

Drive normally

The first and most logical tip is to drive normally. Now, this is a tip that is getting more and more difficult nowadays to follow, what with normal commuter SUVs and trucks having more than 700 horsepower and your stock Challenger or Charger coming in with more than 400. But the fact is that if you want longevity out of the powertrain, you’re not supposed to drive like you’re auditioning for a role in the Fast and Furious. Normal driving without excessive acceleration, braking, and cornering will always extend your engine’s lifespan and the parts, not to mention the money you will save on gas, brake pads, and new tires. So, driving normally is the best and easiest way to increase the lifespan of an engine. 

Let your engine warm up

During cold weather, and even during summer, after sitting overnight, the engine needs to be sufficiently warmed up for the engine oil to move around the engine freely. This ensures that important engine components are not starved of the much-needed lubrication. So, by starting your car a little early and letting it sit there, warming itself up is always helpful and will allow you to get much more mileage out of the engine. Do this, especially in winter, and you will get an increased lifespan, experience good fuel economy, and have better engine performance. 

No jerky gear shifts!

The transmission transfers the power from the engine to the wheels and regulates the entire driving process. It is crucial for the functioning of the car and the engine itself. Since most cars sold today are automatics, you need to be extra careful with how you handle the car, especially the transmission. Quick shifts that jerk the whole car and put it into gear with force will not only wear out the transmission quickly but also negatively affect the engine’s functioning, wearing down its life quickly. While transmissions have been sophisticated now, American cars still do not boast the same level of refinement that their European counterparts do, and if you have an American car to get the most out of both transmission and engine, shift responsibly. 

Don’t load up your car excessively

Trucks and SUVs are rated for certain payloads that can be towed or carried within the car. While your regular sedan or hatchback might also be able to do so, it’s not advisable. Since the engine isn’t rated for such demanding work, you may wear it out quickly, which is why overburdening your car is advised against. The towing rating and capacity need to be followed for efficient and optimal functioning of the engine and the car, and if you have excessive stuff that needs moving around, simply rent a capable truck or SUV for it. There are plenty of them around. 

Regular maintenance

Maintenance is the one thing that makes the difference between you getting the most out of your car and you getting the short end of the stick. Maintenance helps keep the engine efficient and perform fully without sustaining any major damage. If you skip out on maintenance, you might not be able to enjoy what the vehicle has to offer on performance potential; this means changing oil regularly, keeping the fluid levels on full, and ensuring you only use the best quality parts. Once you do that, you will automatically extend the engine’s life to its fullest, and well-maintained and well-kept cars have been going on absurdly long periods without ever giving their owners any trouble. 

Ensure ample cooling

The ICE uses combustion to drive the car. It has moving parts that generate a lot of heat. This means that the engine needs ample cooling, whether in the form of liquid cooling through the radiator and coolant or through the fan. By giving your ICE-powered car ample cooling, you can be sure that no heat damage affects the car. Once the engine gets heat-damaged, it will lose its efficiency and usability, and the heated engine will seize up, prompting a full replacement. Since we want longevity, not a new engine, ensure your coolant levels are full, and your cooling system works properly. 

High-quality fuels are a must!

Your car, much like your body, needs fuel to run. The better the food, the better your body will perform, right? The same goes for cars and engines; the better the fuel, the better the performance. We’re not asking you to fill up your car with rocket fuel, but skimping out on good quality gas just to save a few bucks will certainly do you or your engine any favor. The damage and lost efficiency the engine will sustain will take back any savings you might have made, so when we say put in good quality gas, you must pay attention to it. You get good mileage, efficiency, and performance with good fuel. Not to mention that these fuels also keep your engine and parts clean. On the other hand, low-quality gas will choke your fuel filter, fill your tank with pollutants, and cause your engine to lose longevity. 

Drive regularly!

Now, this might seem like a weird tip, but there are many people with more than two or three cars in their garages, and since they can only drive one of them, the others end up getting neglected. As a moving, breathing entity, the engine needs to be operated to keep it functional and efficient; many people think that keeping the car with low miles is doing it a favor, but what they are doing is negatively affecting the engine’s longevity and performance potential. By letting the car sit for too long, the engine will lose power, and its parts will also be affected over time. If you have the same situation with your garage, show these cars some love and take them out on a nice Sunday drive. 

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