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How Clean Oil Leads To Better Engine Performance

Car buyers can be essentially segmented into two broad groups; the first group looks for fuel efficiency and chooses vehicles that give the best mileage and don’t cost a fortune to fill up. The second group is more performance-oriented and cares less about how many miles to the gallon it gets; they only care about the revs, horsepower, and engine performance. The one metric that connects these two groups is the engine; when it’s well taken care of and does not use low-quality oil, it will give both users precisely what they are looking for in engine performance in terms of mileage and horsepower. In this blog, we will discuss the advantages of clean engine oil and how clean oil leads to better engine performance. 

To understand the role that engine oil plays in your vehicle’s engine, let us first explain the basics of an internal combustion engine (ICE) for those of us not in the know. Then, we’ll progress onto the advantages that clean oil has for your vehicle’s engine. 

The functioning of an ICE

A vehicle’s internal combustion engine unit is made up of many moving parts, all of which are crucial to the car’s efficient functioning. The moving parts that experience the most wear and tear include the pistons (the origin of the engine’s power), the connecting rods, the crankshaft, and the gears within the engine that regulate the power. However, for simplification, understand that all moving parts within an engine experience wear and tear, especially in harsh driving conditions like extreme heat. 

To ensure that these parts do not get damaged by excessive wear and tear, sufficient lubrication is needed to not just avoid damage but also to ensure that these parts keep on performing without friction damage becoming a hindrance. So, this lubrication is provided by engine oil, which the manufacturer rates to give precisely the level of lubrication needed for different engines that are performing under various conditions. 

The engine can perform without this lubrication, but only for a short time. Heat damage deforms the important components of the engine, including the pistons. Since an engine is a tightly packed, self-contained unit, the entirety of the unit will cease functioning immediately, leading to a situation where the engine will have seized. To avoid this, sufficient lubrication is imperative; without this, you might as well wave your engine goodbye. 

How does clean oil help the engine with both performance and efficiency?

If it is just lubrication, it should not be necessary what sort of oil is put into the engine, as long as it can lubricate the moving parts. However, that is not necessarily correct. Besides just lubrication, one of the other two functions of engine oil is to provide a substantial cooling effect to these moving parts and to carry the micro-debris out of the system to ensure that the system performs without any pollutants. 

This means that by using clean engine oil that is precisely down to the specifications of the engine’s requirements, you will not just be providing your engine with suitable and sufficient lubrication but will also help it cool down and clean itself out, allowing the engine to perform efficiently no matter how harsh the conditions might get. 

So, after the tips on increasing your vehicle’s lifespan, let’s look at how clean engine oil helps you achieve performance and efficiency, among other benefits. 


Engine oil is the lifeblood of an engine, and no one understands this better than your car enthusiast who cares about performance. You see, the engine is only as good as the things you provide it: the fuel, the oil. When you give your vehicle good quality and clean oil, it performs better because no moving parts are under material stress, which allows the engine to perform at its maximum performance level. Clean engine oil provides both lubrication and cooling to the engine, and with a good rating level, the engine oil will actually become a factor in the appreciation of the car’s performance numbers. 

Fuel efficiency

The car’s engine burns fuel based on occasionally changing dynamic conditions. For instance, even a passenger car like a Prius or a hatchback will return abysmal mileage if you bury the throttle pedal every time you take your car out for a drive. Driving with a more sensible approach helps fuel economy, so many factors make up your fuel economy. One of these is engine oil; engines under stress that do not get ample heat reduction and lubrication consume more fuel to deliver the same amount of performance as an engine would in nominal conditions on less fuel. Once you put in good quality and clean engine oil, you will notice the incremental gains the engine will make in fuel efficiency, and that is a testament to the effect engine oil has on both performance and fuel efficiency. 

Engine cooling

Burning fuel and friction heat from the rubbing metal parts all generate an enormous amount of heat, which can threaten the performance and efficiency of an engine over time. While the cooling job is mainly delegated to the cooling system of an engine, which includes radiators, fans, and coolants, a portion of this is also handled by the engine oil, which cools off parts like the pistons, the cylinders themselves, and other parts which the cooling system does not reach. In this case, clean oil is crucial; old, high-viscosity and contaminated oil reduces the heat exchange level of oil, compromising its cooling effect and affecting the engine over time, reducing both performance and efficiency. 

Engine cleaning

With numerous metal parts in constant contact with each other and fuel being burnt, a lot of waste needs to be disposed of. At the microscopic level, there are carbon and metallic deposits that, over time, can seriously degrade the performance and efficiency of the engine. Engine oils come with many compounds that help clean the engine and get rid of the deposits on the engine, ranging from the piston heads to the cylinders. These deposits pose a real threat; only clean oil can do the job efficiently. Used or unchanged oil will contribute to pollutant deposits across the engine and affect its performance over time. 

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