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Extending the Life of Your Car With Regular Maintenance

For some people, a car is something that takes them from point A to point B. For some, it’s a way of life, an integral part of their persona that defines their passions. For both of these people, a car is an investment: the better it is taken care of, the better it will serve you and serve its purpose: as a machine designed to haul you and your things around. And as machines go, maintenance is something that is crucial for optimal functioning. Today, we’ll look at how you can extend the life of your car with regular maintenance, and why doing more than just the bare minimum can go above and beyond in taking care of your car. 

When we say maintenance, we don’t mean the run-of-the-mill oil changes and the occasional tire care; we mean really taking car of your car, much like how petrolheads do. That means doing regular checkups, preferably from a trusted garage and ensuring before every drive that the fluids are full, the coolant is okay, the whole nine yards. We’ll say it like this: take care of the car, and the car will take care of you. 

Let’s start with extending the life of your car with regular maintenance. 

Extending the life of your car with regular maintenance

With regular maintenance, your car will deliver what it is designed and engineered to deliver, efficiently. But wait, isn’t your monthly oil change and fluid top-up the regular maintenance? The answer is yes and no. Yes, this is regular maintenance, but good maintenance isn’t only limited to oil and fluids. Let’s start by getting into the details of which aspects of car maintenance should you pay special attention to, so that your car drives like an absolute dream. 

Scheduled maintenance

The purpose of scheduled maintenance goes beyond just changing the oil and topping the fluids. No. As you drive your car and accumulate the miles, the engine, the body, the chassis, all need different sorts of upkeep and maintenance beyond oil. And this needs to be done periodically, in keeping with the mileage. Scheduled maintenance, as laid out in your car’s owner manual, will make sure that each and every component of the car is ready to take on the next mile cycle, and whether its extreme cold weather or summers, your car (and your climate control, for example) will be more prepared than ever to take on the elements. 

Tire care

With great tires, comes great gas mileage. Is that how the saying goes? Tire maintenance and care goes beyond just keeping them filled with air or solving the occasional puncture. No, tires are an integral component of the car, and as such, have their own set of maintenance and upkeep that if you go through, will result in you getting the most out of a fresh pair of rubbers. Tire care includes rotation of the wheels and checking the tread and overall health of the tires, especially in winters, where the harsh temperatures can affect the rubber on the tires. Doing all of this will not only give you great mileage, but also good traction and will keep you safe while on the road with snow chains. 

Braking system

If there was ever a car component that you blessed more after a close call, it would probably be the brakes. In a modern car, this is an entire system complete with an ABS module, brake pads or leathers and brake discs. This means that they will require good maintenance; like routine brake inspections. Should a brake pad feel to thinned out or worn out, it will need to be promptly replaced, since this is a matter of your and other motorists’ safety. And more than that, good braking system maintenance will ensure the next time a dog or even another car jumps a light in front of you, you and your car are both safe and sound, all thanks to your good maintenance. 

Fluid top-up

Aside from gas, which other fluid does a car need the most? All of them! And that’s not just the coolant, this includes brake fluid, transmission fluid and depending on your car, power steering fluid. All of these liquids serve a specific purpose, and its better to have them filled to the brim. Try to use quality products; they might cost a little bit more but will outperform others. Good quality coolants will ensure that the engine keeps operating at the optimal temperature, whereas good quality brake fluids will never freeze up in harsh winters. As for transmission fluid and power steering fluid, these need to be changed too, just not that often. Getting these from quality brands will ease up your life too. 

Replacing the filters (oil, air)

Your car needs air to run, lots of it. Clean air in large quantities will allow it to consume fuel more efficiently, giving your wallet a break from those outrageous gas prices. This will only happen when you regularly and diligently maintain your air filter, replacing it as per instructions from the owner’s manual. Using a good quality air filter will ensure better gas mileage and performance from the engine. The same goes for oil filters, who don’t need to be changed frequently. But when you do go for an oil filter change, get the best one, and your car will thank you. And after you drive it, you will thank yourself. 

Spark plugs, ignition system

Spark plugs provide the necessary combustion that is central to an ICE (internal combustion engine), which most cars have (unless you drive an electric car). As such, they are crucial to the engine’s operation, and their upkeep is also linked with the upkeep of the ignition system of the car. Imagine turning the key on a cold morning when you’re already running late, only to discover the car wont start. To prevent this from happening. Periodic replacement of the spark plugs and an overall checkup of the ignition system is important. Better performance spark plugs and ignition systems will never let you down when you’re running late, that’s for sure. 


Battery maintenance is very important. Aside from running your stereo, it provides constant electricity to the engine and helps keep it powered. Which makes it an essential part of the drivetrain and gives you all the more reason to properly maintain your battery. Start with a little DIY: keep the battery terminals clean and check the wiring after every two weeks. Once the battery starts to show its age, get it promptly replaced and you will never have to experience a sputtering car that isn’t getting enough current. If you’re using a dry battery, good for you. If, however, you have a lead-acid battery, you will need to check the water content in the battery as well. 

Wheel alignment

Potholes are an unfortunate reality for all of us. For some drivers, curbs are too. Even some harshly made speedbreakers too, can affect the wheel alignment of your car. When the wheel alignment of your car is out, you will notice the steering start to sag towards one side or your tires might show signs of wear on one specific side. Which means, that its time to go get your wheels aligned. Periodic scheduled wheel alignments will prevent that from happening and will make sure that you get the most out of your driving experience, despite the potholes and the curbs. 

Belts, hoses

Your car’s engine transfers power using a series of belts to drive gears. These belts, made out of rubber, can snap when not maintained properly and this can leave you stranded by the side of the road. Similarly, a lot of fluids in the engine are transferred using rubber hoses. Both of these belts and hoses can be affected by extreme temperatures and may snap or puncture and leak, which can disrupt optimal functioning of the engine. In this case, maintenance involves regularly checking both the belts and hoses in your engine bay. Should any of these feel a bit worn out, replace them immediately. This maintenance will make sure that your car does not break down and die on you during crucial times. 

Professional inspections

With a professional inspection every now and then, your car will not display any signs of trouble. Scheduling professional inspections for your car will alert you of any potential issues, which will be resolved before they grow and cause trouble. For this sort of breakdown prevention, professional inspections are necessary, and will do your car and yourself a solid since the car will be getting all the attention it needs to keep operating efficiently. 

Regular maintenance with Magnum Autoclub

Going above and beyond with your car’s maintenance can work wonders and will extend the life of your car. Regular maintenance will ensure that the car keeps operating smoothly and efficiently, and with Magnum Autoclub, you can finally have the confidence of knowing that whatever maintenance your car does require, it will be done flawlessly by professionals. Magnum Autoclub is dedicated to providing services that dispel the notion of cheating mechanics; with the best services, best prices and a professional workforce that is all composed of petrolheads, your car will receive all the attention it needs at Magnum Autoclub to make sure it stays on the roads and serves you smoothly, without any issue, for the many miles to come. Trust Magnum Autoclub with your car and don’t ever worry about regular maintenance; your car will always be ready to take on the world with you. 

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