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Extending The Life Of Your Car Battery

A battery is an important component of any vehicle. It not only helps provide power to all the electricals and accessories within a vehicle, but also provides the crucial current during ignition, which allows an internal combustion engine to start functioning. Besides being the main powering entity for electric cars, a battery serves as one of the most important parts of a conventional ICE-powered car as well. Which makes it an important part of the maintenance routine for a vehicle, and since a good quality battery can set you back a considerable amount of money, it is advisable to learn ways of extending the life of your car battery. In this blog focused on tips to increase the lifespan of your vehicle, we will discuss the ways you can get the most out of your car battery. 

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Most of these tips will relate to the good maintenance of your car battery; however, its important to note here that many manufacturers now recommend that their vehicles use dry batteries, which require considerably less maintenance and offer a much better package overall than the conventional lead-acid batteries. However, the same tips can also be applied for dry batteries in elongating their usability. 

Extending the life of your car battery: important tips

These tips will help your car battery last much longer, allowing you to get much more use out of it. By maintaining your car battery well and following these tips, the performance of the car and the electrics will also be enhanced, like your stereo. Let’s look at the tips. 

Avoid shorter trips

While this may not be completely unavoidable, the logic behind this tip will help you understand why you can minimize shorter trips by either walking or maybe getting another transportation method for short trips. The battery essentially discharges itself during the ignition phase of the startup, and once you start driving it, it recharges itself. Shorter trips mean that the battery does not get enough time nor mileage to charge itself sufficiently, and once you turn off the car, the battery will struggle to provide the sufficient level of current necessary for ignition. Repeat this and over a certain period of time, the battery will lose its efficacy, which is why, it is advisable for your car battery’s health to avoid shorter trips. 

Minimise power usage while engine is off

After you step out of your car or while sitting in the garage, try to switch off the lights, the interior lights and if possible, the stereo system as well. While the engine is off, the battery can provide a considerable amount of power to energise these systems. However, doing so repeatedly will reduce the efficacy of the battery, causing it to discharge much quicker and lose its charge capacity as well. If it can be managed, for the sake of a longer battery life, you should eliminate letting the headlights stay on after you turn off the engine. This will keep the battery charged up for the next cycle, and you will be able to add life to the usage of the battery. 

Clean the top of the battery

The battery sits in a dedicated tray in the engine bay. While the rest of the battery stays relatively untouched from dust and other corrosive elements, the top part of the batter does not. This is also where the most important parts of the battery are located, so, a wipedown every once in a while, will ensure that these elements are cleaned off the surface of the battery, and you regain optimal use of the battery. By letting dust and other elements accumulate on the top of the battery, you wont be providing it with the due maintenance, which will affect its usability and its longevity. 

Keep the terminals tight and clean

In the same vein as the top of the battery, the terminals (the positive and negative ends of the battery) are the most important parts and the most vulnerable to dirt and other pollutants. They can get coated with buildup from all the chemical reactions happening within the battery, and these terminals need to be cleaned thoroughly to ensure an uninterrupted access to energy at all times. These buildups can be cleaned with simple water and doing so will allow you to get more use out of the battery, essentially increasing its lifespan over time. 

Car Battery Terminal

Don’t keep a charged battery unused for long periods

Many people have more than one car at their home, and the brunt of driving usually falls on a singular one. This means that the other cars don’t get driven as much, which leads to not just their overall degradation, but also reduces the lifespan of the battery. Even in electronics, it is usually advised to take the battery out of the product if you won’t be using it anytime soon. The same goes for a car battery; if you have a car that does not get much drive time, consider either taking the battery out, or driving it regularly to ensure that the battery gets charged occasionally. If you can’t do either of these, consider getting a battery trickle charger that keeps the battery charged over long periods of time and keeps it from discharging spontaneously after long periods of inactivity. 

Minimise exposure to extreme temperatures

Batteries run on chemical reactions that happen within their packaging. Chemical reactions can be affected by extreme temperatures, especially extreme heat, as it may prematurely trigger some reactions within the battery. Therefore, it is usually advisable to minimize the exposure a battery gets to extreme heat. Repeated exposure to extreme heat over long periods of time will decrease the lifespan of the battery, exposing it to increased chemical volatility over time. Eventually, the battery will need to be replaced much sooner than its advertised end-of-life, which may strain your finances. Whis is why, always avoid driving your car in harsh summer conditions and exposing the battery to the negative effects of overheating. 

Don’t overburden the battery

The car battery comes with a voltage rating that is manufacturer-recommended. This means that within this range, you will get the best possible performance out of the battery, and you will not face any issues in its functioning. However, it is common for people to bolt on power-intensive stereos, HID or high-intensity discharge lights and other electrically-taxing add-ons that may affect both the efficiency and the performance of the battery. To extend the lifespan of your battery and to get the most use out of it, avoid using such energy-intensive products on your car without swapping out for a battery that corresponds with the electricity requirements for your setup. Running such stereos or lights on your standard battery may not just decrease its lifespan, it may also put your car at risk, since overstressed batteries may short, setting the car on fire. So, avoid doing so at all costs. 

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