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DIY Tips for Changing Your Car’s Oil

If you own a car, chances are, at one point or another, you’ve thought about doing that pesky oil change yourself that your mechanic charges exorbitant amounts for. It isn’t as hard, right? Nor too technical that you start doing it and suddenly you’ve totaled the engine. Luckily for you, we’re bringing you some DIY tips for changing your car’s oil, and a quick guide on how you can change your car’s oil by yourself, at home, without needing to go to the mechanic and get yourself scammed for an oil change. 

However, before we begin, not all oil change places are the same. The unfortunate adage of every mechanic just ripping their customers off is not true; there are some places that will not only treat you to a very pleasant experience in getting your car’s oil changed, but their services will make you a big fan of the place as well. Its just a matter of going to the right place to change your car’s oil, and today, we’ll also introduce you to a place that will do you and your car right. 

Let’s start with some DIY tips for changing your car’s oil. 

DIY tips for changing your car’s oil

Changing your car’s oil is not that difficult, not that technical. Its all about two things: having the necessary tools on hand to access the oil chamber, and the necessary knowledge of what to do, how to do it. The process is pretty straightforward, so we’ll go ahead and start with the things that you need to keep on hand before you start with changing your car’s oil. 

Things/ tools you will need

Here is a list of things that you will need to change your car’s oil by yourself. 

  • Service jack
  • Suitable sized wrenches
  • Jack stands
  • Rubber gloves
  • Container/ tub 
  • Funnel

When you have all these things, you are now ready to change your car’s oil, DIY style. Lets do a quick fire and walk you through the process. 

Jack your car, open the hood

So, the first thing that needs to be done is to jack your car up. Find the mounting points on the underside the of the car, place the jack and mount it. The hood of your car should already be opened, atleast partially, so you wont fiddle around with the door open when the car is on jackstands. Once you’ve given it enough height that you can comfortably crawl and work under the car, stop it and open up and your hood. 

Unplug the oil chamber and drain it

Most SUVs, sedans and hatchbacks have an oil pan on the underside, which has a plug on it used to drain the pan of the oil. Locate it and before screwing it loose, take your container or tub for collecting the used oil, and put it between yourself and the screw as soon as you twist it. Place the tub or container on the floor, and let the oil drain out of the car completely, until it goes from a steady stream to dripping every few seconds. Take your dipstick out of the engine as well. 

Twist out your old oil filter

The oil filter obviously needs to be changed as well. Start by locating it; usually it’s a canister of metal located near the oil chamber plug. Using an oil filter wrench, twist it loose; as it will start coming undone, oil will start leaking. Don’t worry about it, and pull it out once the spilling turns to drippage. Ensure that any seals on the car are not damaged and inspect them for such. 

New oil filter in, screw in oil chamber plug

Get your new oil filter and screw it in. When you’re done, clean up your oil chamber plug and screw it in as well. Make sure that you don’t twist both the filter and the plug in too tight, using a wrench or hand. Take it with your hand and twist it till it stops, and then use a wrench to take it only a bit further. Twisting it too tight can end up damaging the grooves, while keeping it loose will result in, you guessed it. Your new oil leaking out. 

Fill up your new oil

Now, its time to get the new oil in. Once both the filter and the plug have been tightened and the car has been lowered to the ground and the jackstands removed, access the hood of your car, and twist out the engine oil cap. Place a funnel in the hole and start by gently pouring in the new oil. Depending on the size of your car’s engine, it will either take a complete bottle or a bottle and a half (depends on the bottle as well). Once you’re done, screw in the cap and tighten it up as well. 

Check the dipstick, check for any leaks below

That’s it! Oil change is done now. Give a minute or two to let the oil settle in, and start by plunging in your dipstick, waiting a couple of seconds and then pulling it out to check whether the engine oil level is optimal. Also check underneath your car for oil leaks. If everything is good, congratulations! you’ve just done what your mechanic charges you a lot of money for. 

Tips for changing your car’s oil

 Here are some handy tips that you can keep in mind which will make this oil change job easier for you. Let’s start. 

Keep your engine warm before changing the oil

This tip is designed to make the drainage part a little easier and a lot faster. Oil is a very viscous liquid, thick that it provides protection against wear and tear. Therefore, if your car has been standing for a while and the engine oil is cold, it will be very viscous and will take some time to drain out of the chamber. A pro tip is to keep your engine started for a while before you change the oil. This way, the oil will thin out and draining it out of the pan will be a lot easier.

Dispose off responsibly!

This isn’t a tip, but a reminder. Once you are done with the change, remember to dispose off the used oil, the old filter and any other refuse responsibly, at recycle places that have adequate facilities for disposal of such materials. The environment is our friend, and these materials can be very hazardous when it comes to the nature. Make sure that you dispose of responsibly!

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