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Car Maintenance Tips for Better Fuel Economy

Better fuel economy is something that all drivers among us aspire for, and you will hear people brag about just how many miles to the gallon their vehicle can get. It’s almost like an achievement. And if you maintain your vehicle properly, you will get better fuel economy regardless of your driving style (to a certain extent). You see, for good vehicle and engine performance, maintenance is absolutely crucial, and without good maintenance, not only will you not be able to get better fuel economy, but you will also struggle with issues like engine problems. Which is why, as the idea goes, good maintenance will equal a good driving experience.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some excellent car maintenance tips that will help you get better fuel economy. 

From keeping note of your tire air pressure to regularly having your air filter cleaned out for optimal engine performance, these tips will not only help you get the most out of your car but will also allow you to get much better fuel economy. Let’s get started on these tips. 

Car maintenance tips for better fuel economy

Follow these tips and enjoy driving your vehicle, without any issue, with greater driving sensation as well as excellent fuel economy. These tips will help you make the most out of both your car and your fuel average. 

Maintain tire air pressure

You might think that tire air pressure has very little to do with fuel economy, but with gas prices like these, we’d rather pull out all stops and do what we can to get those MPGs right. Air pressure affects fuel economy by something called ‘rolling resistance’. This means that when the tires are properly inflated, the car won’t drag and will drive efficiently, saving fuel. On the other hand, when air pressure is lower, this increases rolling resistance as the car has to essentially drag the wheels along with it, requiring more power and increased engine strain. By keeping your tire air pressure at the right level, you will essentially allow the engine to perform efficiently and without straining itself, consuming more fuel. 

Clean/ replace your air filter

A car’s engine works by burning different percentages of fuel and air together. This mixture is combusted in the chamber and provides the basis of the movement for pistons, which in turn provides the engine with the energy to drive the wheels. As such, you can understand just how important air is to the entire process. In fact, without air, the engine runs a very lean mixture, which is around 90 per cent gas, drastically reducing fuel efficiency. This can happen if you don’t clean or replace your air filter, therefore, as an important part of vehicle maintenance, ensure effective cleaning for your air filter. 

Change your engine, transmission oil regularly 

As a crucial part for vehicle maintenance, both engine oil and transmission oil are fluids that need to be regularly changed. Both have far-reaching impacts if proper maintenance isn’t carried out. For example, much has been said and written about the effect of delayed engine oil changes on not just the engine itself, but also the overall vehicle performance, including fuel efficiency. If an engine runs on old, dirty and used oil, it will lose its efficiency and its performance, decreasing the efficiency with which the engine consumes fuel, since it has to use more to deliver the same performance. On the other hand, transmission oil keeps the gears and transmission lubricated and well-functioning, and should you fail to change it in time, it will affect the performance of the engine and the transmission, causing the engine to consume more fuel, decimating the fuel economy. 

Replace or upgrade spark plugs

Spark plugs are an important part of the engine, providing the required spark or ignition for the combustion process to take place in the engine. However, spark plus also have an operational life, and when it comes to an end, the engine will let you know. Persisting in driving with faulty or old spark plugs will result in the engine developing some serious problems, since it wont be able to provide adequate combustion effect to the fuel, resulting in delayed ignition and combustion of the fuel. This will cause the engine to develop either a misfire or a knock, and while both of these are extremely serious for the engine, reduced spark plug efficacy also means that fuel will essentially go unburnt and wasted, decimating the fuel efficiency of the engine. 

Fuel system service/ additives

In order to further better the fuel efficiency of a vehicle and to ensure that the entire fuel system of a vehicle works without any fault, you can always have your fuel system serviced, which includes the fuel tank, fuel lines, the fuel pump and other associated parts. This service will clean and open up the fuel lines, clear the fuel pump of any debris that might be in it from the usage of low-quality fuel and also clean and maintain the fuel tank. There are several additives that can be used to clean the fuel system automatically, and while the jury might be out on how effective they are in cleaning out the fuel system, you can always have the fuel system services every other year to enjoy good fuel efficiency, since the vehicle will then be able to utilize the fuel much more efficiently. 

Preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a great way to ensure that your car continues to operate efficiently and effectively, alongside giving you great fuel efficiency and mileage. What preventative maintenance essentially means is just your regular maintenance that ensures that each function of the car is working as properly as possible. This includes many services and changes for the engine and the vehicle, and as a holistic process, will mean that your car will be in generally good condition overall, and will provide you with excellent fuel maintenance regardless of other factors like driving styles to a certain extent. 


Understanding the basics of the engine and the vehicle will help you understand how exactly fuel powers the car, and how you can then utilize this knowledge to further better the fuel economy. From following these aforementioned tips to keeping a steady and light foot while driving, you can make your vehicle more fuel efficient, and with gas at such high prices, you can ensure that you spend less on gas. After all, the entire idea of good fuel economy revolves around the fact that you don’t need to refuel and spend money all that often just to keep your vehicle running, and running effectively and efficiently. 

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