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Benefits of Using High-Quality Oil Filters

If you have a car with an internal combustion engine (ICE), you will have seen a softball-sized canister being replaced under your vehicle. That is an oil filter, and oil filters are crucial for your car to function properly and for the engine to be efficient and problem-free. 

However, some people skimp out on oil filters, and aside from the fact that something like this should never be done, let’s look at the benefits of using high-quality oil filters and how you can get improved performance with oil filters a lot more than your regular ones. 

For the newbies in the Automobile 101 class, let us first look at what an oil filter is and what it is supposed to do. Then, we’ll progress to the benefits of using high-quality oil filters. 

What is an oil filter?

As the name implies, an oil filter is an accessory used to filter the engine oil that is circulating among the internal parts of an internal combustion engine. It is connected to the main oil line and constantly filters out the oil to ensure no dust or small metallic particles stay in the oil, which could potentially cause damage to the internal components of the engine. 

Why is an oil filter necessary?

While you may technically drive on a dirty, old air filter (although we would not recommend that), a used oil filter is a big no-no. That is primarily because an air filter can still perform its job relatively well, but an old and used oil filter will only damage the engine. 

That is because the engine oil lubricates the engine’s moving parts, like the pistons, camshafts, etc. When these parts experience wear and tear, they shed small metallic particles, which get stuck in the oil and filtered out by the oil filter. A used oil filter will have lost most of its filtering ability, which means that these particles, dust, and other contaminants will keep circulating with the rest of the oil, eventually depositing on the engine and causing it to lose efficiency and performance. This reason makes oil filters necessary and crucial. 

What are the benefits of using high-quality oil filters?

Shouldn’t a normal oil filter do the job? Well, yes, but here’s the thing. Oil filters have a filtering capability measured in microns, which alludes to how small in microns an oil filter can remove the particles. High-quality oil filters will always have a better filtering element and can filter out even the tiniest impurities and contaminants. Let us look at the benefits of using a high-quality oil filter in detail. 

Better filtration

The apparent benefit is that it works quietly and behind the scenes to ensure your car performs well. As explained beforehand, the internal components of an engine go through a lot of heat and wear and tear during their operation. This causes the metallic parts to shave off small particles of metal, which get deposited into the oil. The filter then cleans the oil and rids it off the particles, which would otherwise deposit on the engine’s moving parts and cause havoc. A high-quality oil filter will have more filtration capacity. It will be able to weed out even the smallest contaminants, making the engine oil a lot cleaner and better at its lubrication job. 

Better engine performance

A better oil filter also contributes to better engine performance. If an oil filter stops filtration, dust and tiny metal particles start accumulating in the oil, which in turn get deposited on the surface of the moving parts like pistons and camshafts. This excessive deposit will then cause more wear and tear, which, coupled with dirty oil, will cause the engine to lose performance since its moving parts won’t get the lubrication required to keep the engine working in good condition. Once lubrication drops, the internal parts are at serious risk of extensive damage, ranging from the pistons being replaced to the engine becoming unusable. 

Better fuel economy

When an engine gets good lubrication, it gets better fuel mileage. If you put in old or used oil and oil filters, the engine’s moving parts will be robbed of ample lubrication, causing the engine to heat up and lose performance. Once that happens, the engine will start consuming more fuel to keep the performance up, which, aside from damaging the engine, will also drastically affect fuel economy. A better quality oil filter will keep the oil clean and won’t affect its lubricating effect, ensuring you get great gas mileage from your car. 

Protects the engine

A better oil filter will keep the lubrication factor of the oil constant, giving the engine’s internal parts more lubrication and the oil itself better viscosity so it can spread around the parts more easily. This protects the engine from excessive wear and tear and optimizes heat dissipation and performance. This is why, for ideal engine performance, efficiency, and protection, you should change your oil filter with every oil change and use high-quality oil filters to give your engine extra. 

When should you change your oil filter?

Oil changes are largely determined by the distance a vehicle might have covered. However, several factors also come into play. For example, driving styles majorly affect the rotation for oil changes. Hard, fast driving where the engine is under constant stress will require quicker oil changes and better oil itself, whereas a relaxed style of driving will not require such prompt oil changes. 

As for the oil filter, automobile experts recommend changing your oil filter with every oil change. This ensures that the engine gets optimal protection and lubrication thanks to a combination of new engine oil and oil filters, and the performance difference will be noticeable when you get an oil filter change. 

Where is the oil filter located?

In most cars, including SUVs, sedans, wagons, and other body types, the oil filter is usually located on the car’s underside, right beneath the engine bay. It is the size of a softball and shaped like a can, sticking out from underneath. You can remove it after the engine oil has been drained completely; simply use a wrench to turn it and twist it once sufficiently loosened. 

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