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Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Used Tires

Tires are perhaps the one thing in the car that if you skimp out on, it will have very disastrous consequences, not just for you but for others on the road as well. Besides providing traction and grip, brakes are also very much dependent on good tires, and as such, many people will tell you that buying used tires is something that you should steer clear of. However, is that really the case? Let us look at some disadvantages and advantages of buying used tires and understand whether it really does make a difference. 

Before getting into the disadvantages and advantages of buying used tires, let us be absolutely clear here: when we say it isn’t so disadvantageous that used tires be bought, we mean used tires that still have their treadwear, have no major bead wear damage and still have lots of grip and traction. For Canada, snow chains are also common, and so, it needs to be made sure that the used tires are still roadworthy and are not something that a shady person is trying to get rid of. 

Let’s look at the advantages of buying used tires first. 

The advantages of buying used tires

Used tires, when bought with careful oversight and by ensuring that the tires are actually roadworthy, can save you lots of money, and be advantageous for the driving experience as well. Here are the advantages of buying used tires. 

Cost savings

Obviously, anybody who is buying used tires is going to be interested in the cost savings. Consider this: A set of new tires, midrange, will set you around 300 dollars, and prices usually go north from there. With used tires, depending on the condition, the tires can be as low as 150 dollars; which obviously saves a lot of money. This means, that including a full-size spare, you’re looking at around 1500 dollars for a set of new tires, whereas the relatively less used tires will set you back 750 dollars. So, yes, cost savings are one of the major factors when it comes to buying used tires, since the money you save on tires can go towards gas or even towards something more crucial. And since we’re not talking about drifting your sedan or SUV anytime soon, the traction isn’t really all that lost. 

Better environmentally

Rubber extraction and tire manufacturing isn’t exactly an environment-friendly procedure, and so, a new set of tires can be very damaging to the environment. With the ‘reuse, recycle’ mantra going around, and a general understanding of the effects of synthetic manufacturing on the resources and the environment, buying a slightly used set of tires and not buying a new set will make all the difference. By getting a used tire set, you can help the environment out; all from rubber plantations and the tire manufacturing processes going down. While this isn’t a really popular reason, the fact that it does and will help the environment should you choose to get used tires is also a good advantage of buying used tires. 

You don’t need a full set

With new tires, a full set needs to be purchased. That is because they are manufactured in sets, and the vehicle dynamics and driving experience require that once you change tires, a fresh new set be installed. However, the same is not the case for used tires. With used tires, purchasing an entire set is not necessary. You can buy whatever you need, not how the company or manufacturer dictates. For instance, many FWD or front wheel drive vehicles have rear tires that haven’t gone through as much wear and tear as the front ones, which means that you can get just two for the front wheels. And vice versa for RWD or rear wheels drive vehicles. With slightly used tires, you can have your vehicle grip, traction and handling feel like new, without having to spend a thousand bucks on a fresh pair of tires. That is not necessary; with used tires, you can get how many you need and just get the same experience. 

Nearly same life

While new tires will definitely last longer, provided you aren’t partaking in street racing or drift tournaments, used tires can last the same as well. Of course, the main requirement is that the used tires still have some tread life and traction in them. If that is the case, the bead wear isn’t all worn out, well then you have tires that can easily keep you on the road safe and sound for another five years, if your use isn’t all that heavy and freeway or interstate motoring isn’t all that much in your schedule. That means that you can essentially get the same life and use out of the used set of tires than you would get from a new one, and that is what makes buying used tires a lucrative and useful proposition. Instead of paying a lot for tires, you pay half but get the same use out of it. 

Disadvantages of buying used tires

As you can pretty much imagine, the disadvantages of buying used tires are plentiful. Lets look at a few. 

Previous usage

With used tires, there’s not any history of the usage as you might get with a car. You cannot reasonably and accurately know how much the tires have run, how much tread is left and frankly, how much abuse they’ve taken. Because lets face it, every now and then, you give your tires a hard time, but they stay put. And that’s the problem when buying used tires; you never know what you’re getting. Either you’re getting a good deal on the tires, or you might be getting ripped. That depends on what condition the tire is in, and unless you are really well-versed in those matters, buying used tires might be a gamble. 

Excessive wear and tear

With older and used tires, the wear and tear on them is really a 50-50. They’ve been used to the extreme, which means that the tires might start falling apart shortly after you’ve bought them. However, wear and tear is a problem on all used tires, whether they’re listed as slightly used or moderately used. Wear and tear, especially with tires, is something that you will have to contend with, and this really brings their quality down to the point, where, as stated beforehand, the tires could start falling apart just after you complete the break-in period. So, wear and tear: used tires can become a problem because of it. 


Once a tire has covered a certain time period, it is no longer road-worthy and should be discarded, as per the guidelines set by the Department of Transport. Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous elements which will try to pass them off as the real deal: tires that aren’t past their age but are just slightly used. These tires, which might look alright to the untrained eye are actually better described as deathtraps; with no grip, no traction and no tread, they put you in danger and also put other motorists on the road at risk. With Canada, you obviously have a lot of snow, which merits the use of snow chains. However, with a worn-out tire, snow chains wont do the grip any good, which means that safety is really low on used tires, and it is something that you should always look out for when buying used tires. 

What to look for when buying used tires?

Knowing what you’re looking at and looking for when buying used tires can make the difference between you getting a good deal and getting ripped off. Which means when you’re buying used tires, you need to look out for the age of the tire, the tire seams and the tread. These three things will pretty much reveal the condition of the tire, and will make it easier for you to make a decision: whether to buy this used tire or not.

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